We all understand that nursing – psychologically very difficult profession . But she also has always been associated with the threat of physiological health.

Devote themselves to others.

Every day.

Not hoping for a reward.

Despite all the technological advances of today , physicians rank 5th among the occupations with the highest level of occupational diseases , even ahead of workers in the chemical industry.

Modern nurses , nurses, as nurses , are at especially high risk. The need for more frequent than the rest of the staff interaction with patients, sharps , medicines and disinfectants , their aerosols – factors that could cause the safety of these workers should be given considerable attention to the social and state .

“Work nurses priceless as priceless exhibited her daily care and empathy, – says product manager of the East West Medical , a distributor of medical products , the anesthetist , Ludmilla Turkevich – Company should be aware of this and take care of those who care about us . The whole world , states and companies are working on security issues of medical staff : instructions and accepted standards , developed safety equipment , supplies, educational work is conducted . In Ukraine, these questions also rise . After all, technology is available , and the company knowingly . Has given impetus to the process . ”

Ministry of Health of Ukraine , says that today Health employs more than 592,000 professionals with medical education , two thirds of them – nurses .

In 2010, the Kyiv city council union of health workers initiated a comprehensive study of the working conditions and health of nurses and doctors, for which took scientists at the National Medical University . The study showed that 81 % of the patients have abnormalities in the nervous system , 48 % – gastrointestinal pathology , and 38% – problems with the cardiovascular system .

These figures can not disturb . But , society pays insufficient attention situation .

Even more frightening figures look occupational diseases among health care workers and nurses in particular.

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