Beriberi – a disease that occurs when the human body lacks vitamin B1.

The main symptoms of beriberi : weight loss , body aches , weakness, brain damage , intermittent palpitations, heart failure . When late treatment beriberi may lead to death .

For a long time, the epidemic beriberi raged in Asia. No matter how it was ironic , but the disease beriberi hit only the wealthy segments of the population , and poor disease was not known. It was clear that the disease develops as a result of lack of nutrients , but the doctors were puzzled by the fact that they could not understand why illness . After all , people who could afford a varied diet from becoming victims of beriberi , and the poor , poor nutrition and eating enough, never hurt beriberi .

It later emerged that beriberi occurs when not enough thiamine (vitamin B1) , which is contained in the husk of grain . Rich diligently washed rice, washed and husks , together with husk was washed off vitamin B1 . The poor are not purified rice, so consumed the required amount of thiamine .

When used only white bread may develop beriberi , so today in the manufacture of white bread , manufacturers add it thiamine .

In today’s world of beriberi common among people suffering from alcoholism , because their body is unable to absorb vitamin B1.


After America was discovered , was also opened such a culture , as corn, which is grown by local Aborigines , and quickly became popular around the world. Before use, the natives poured corn lime juice , but the Europeans did not like the taste bad , so borrowed only corn . Along with the increased popularity of corn spread such diseases as pellagra .

Osnovnyesimptomypellagry : diarrhea , dementia ( dementia ) , and death. People thought that corn – toxic, but no one could explain why pellagra amazes natives. Later it turned out that even despite the fact that corn is rich in carbohydrates , it does not have enough vitamin B3 ( niacin) . Lime contains niacin , so Native Americans did not suffer pellagra .

Today pellagra occurs in the poorest regions of the world , especially in areas where there is insufficient food . And you are delivering raw cornmeal .

biotin deficiency

Lack of biotin deficiency of vitamin B7 part in the human body .

Symptoms of biotin : rash , hair loss , anemia, and various mental states , such as hallucinations , severe drowsiness, depression .

Vitamin B7 is contained in foods such as meat, liver , peanuts , some vegetables.

Lack of vitamin B7 is rare, but recently an outbreak of this deviation among athletes . Become popular among bodybuilders consume raw yaytsa.Aodinizbelkov , которыйсодержитсявсыромбелке binds vitamin B7 and the body can not absorb this vitamin , which leads to a deficiency of biotin. During heat treatment, the protein becomes inactive .

Pregnant often suffer Biotin deficiency , because the organism actively uses vitamin B7. Therefore, pregnant women need to use vitamins containing biotin .


First scurvy was seen among sailors , because only eat non-perishable products : salted meat , crackers . Sailors rarely ate fruits and vegetables , so sick with scurvy .

Symptoms of scurvy : lethargy, lumpy skin rash , bleeding gums , loss of teeth , fever .

Ancient healers treated scurvy various herbs . In the 18th century used to treat scurvy horsemeat and citrus , and British sailors ate limes . Also , these products are known for their vitamin C.

Today rarely get sick with scurvy , only those people who eat foods monotonous .


In rickets muscles and bones become soft , and there are irreversible deformation in the human body . Most often, rickets sick children who are malnourished or not to leave the house ( develops a lack of vitamin D). In today’s world rickets occurs only in regions with malnutrition.

Rickets develops when calcium deficiency or vitamin D in the human body . Vitamin Dneobhodim to calcium soaked to the bone and strengthened them . Vitamin D is contained in many products , but can be activated only with the help of sunlight .

Recently, there was a small outbreak of rickets associated with the fact that children do not face the street.
Riboflavin suffer disadvantage with malnutrition and those who suffer from alcoholism .

When riboflavin deficiency experience the following symptoms : hot pink tongue, chapped lips , swelling of the throat , sore eyes , low blood cell counts . May be coma and death .

Riboflavin is found in foods such as meat, eggs, milk , mushrooms, vegetables zelenolistovye .

Vitamin B2 is absorbed through the liver , so alcoholics riboflavin is not absorbed .

Lack of vitamin B12

Originally vitaminfa B12 deficiency is diagnosed as a symptom of an autoimmune disease . Deficiency of vitamin B12 causing gradual destruction of the spinal cord , and then slow the destruction of the brain. Which leads to mental disorders: fatigue, irritability, depression , memory impairment . When the disease progresses a few years , there are a variety of mania and psychosis. Damage caused by a deficiency of vitamin B12 is irreversible.

Vitamin B12 is found in meat, dairy products, eggs . In humans, vitamin B12 accumulates in the liver and stored for several years.

At risk are people in developing countries who eat very little animal food , and radical vegetarians .

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