Vaginal discharge – is perhaps the most common reason for treatment to a gynecologist . Especially women are experiencing , if normal allocation changed color or consistency.

First you should know that vaginal discharge in women who are of childbearing age should be! This is a normal part of the female physiology, ie , separation in themselves are not a symptom of some disease. The organism produces these isolation to purify and humidify the vagina, without that its walls are dry and the body becomes susceptible to vaginal infections.

But really, there are some cases when the discharge (usually accompanied by other symptoms) suggests the development of a disease. So do not be superfluous to observe the behavior of the organism and in case of a problem to react by going to the gynecologist . And , be prepared to answer the questions : what kind of selection and that you still worried .

Dining norms

Transparent , not very bright, abundant mucus , which have little or no odor, does not irritate the skin and mucous membranes of the genital and not accompanied by pain in the abdomen or other clearly feel uncomfortable are the physiological norm.

Sometimes you may see an increase in the number of selections , and this may also be due to several reasons . This primarily depends on the phase of the cycle ( in the middle of the cycle the amount of bleeding in women increases due to the increase of estrogen during ovulation ) and individual characteristics of the organism . Thus, the amount of bleeding may increase during times of stress , arousal , and chronic fatigue , the sudden change in climatic conditions.

You can also notice a change at the start of sexual activity and sexual partner change , with insufficient lubrication during intercourse , so the body can respond to the new hygiene products , condoms and even new underwear .

That indicates a problem

If you change the color and the number of selections is accompanied by itching in the genital area , and highlight themselves have sharp unpleasant smell , it may indicate the presence of bacterial or fungal infection in the body. It is important to remember that a healthy vaginal odor women do not have. And, of course , you need to pay attention to changes in color selections.

Spotting alert should , of course , in the case where they are not related to the menstrual cycle. Such emissions can occur due to menstrual disorders or be caused by serious diseases like cervical erosion in the form of running , endometriosis and cervical cancer .

But it is not always the problem lies , for example, spotting may occur in women after menopause , indicating that the hormonal balance in the body . But to eliminate the possibility of serious diseases , it should still see a doctor to pass laboratory tests, do an ultrasound .
So-called ” whites ” – thick curdled allocation appear when the body has penetrated any infection . This can be trichomoniasis , thrush ( candidiasis) , bacterial vaginosis , and several other not-so- rare diseases . A harmful bacterial action in such cases is also manifested the strongest sense of discomfort , itching, burning , irritation of the mucous membranes of the genitals. But thick white discharge often appear in women during pregnancy , due to changes in hormonal levels and are normal . However, if this condition is accompanied by itching and burning , that it is better to play it safe and consult a gynecologist .

Yellowish or greenish discharge also indicate the presence of genital infection. This condition is usually accompanied by itching and discharge has a sharp , unpleasant smell. Sometimes, however, do without the smell , for example, the main symptom of chlamydia in women are just moderate yellowish discharge .

Dark or black vaginal discharge can be a serious threat , because they can be signs of the development of women’s non-specific inflammatory diseases, such as vulvitis , vaginitis , cervicitis, endometritis , salpingo . All these diseases are quite dangerous , and therefore need quality and timely treatment .

Do not put yourself diagnosis

We would like to remind you that change the appearance of precipitates in the case when it’s really a concern – a major reason for referral to a specialist . Should not ” play doctor ” and try to diagnose yourself. Appearance secretions enough to understand what is happening . Even specialist before determining diagnosed , you will need to see the results of laboratory tests ( PCR diagnostics, bakposev , smear microscopy ) . They are the basis for further diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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