Eczema – a general term used to call a number of skin diseases neurogenic , allergic or microbial origin . The disease can develop at any age : as infants and the elderly. However, the peak incidence occurs in people aged 40 years.

Eczema Treatment depends on the stage of the disease. When the acute stage often prescribe anti-inflammatory , antimicrobial , keratolytic drugs , and drugs with antipruritic effect . When the acute phase of the disease subsides , then resort to physiotherapy : phototherapy , UVA- therapy, magnetic therapy , ozone therapy and other methods.

Of great importance is prevention: dieting , proper skin care , as well as minimizing the causes that can lead to relapse .
Pyoderma ( pustular skin diseases ) – quite a common skin disease , the cause of which often serves as staphylococcal and / or streptococcal infection . This disease affects a staphylococcal infection usually affects hair follicles , sweat , and sebaceous glands. When streptococcal infection disease is superficial , in which the sebaceous glands and hair follicles are not involved .

Pyoderma treatment strategy depends on the severity of the disease. In some case suffice to use and include antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents . However, a more severe illness ( when, for example, raises the body temperature ), the antibiotics used and systemic action . Tactics of treatment is determined by a physician on an individual basis .

seborrheic keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis – a benign growths on the skin , which manifests itself in the form of spots . After 40 years of such tumors are present in most people. The size of the spots ranges from several millimeters to several centimeters. Color spots may be different from the body and to black.

Typically , seborrheic keratoses do not need treatment , but if the spots become inflamed , often touch , bleeding and aesthetically you interfere , in which case you should consult your doctor. This problem of modern medicine solves different methods :

cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen ;
electrocoagulation and chemical ;
curettage .
In psoriasis, the skin appear white , silver or red spots sealed . This is because new cells are produced too quickly , when the top layer of skin has not had time to exfoliate . It is believed that the basis of psoriasis can be laid autoimmune mechanism .

Unfortunately , psoriasis is not yet amenable to a complete cure . However, existing treatments help keep the process under control. In the treatment of psoriasis of great importance given to local therapy – a thorough skin care : frequent hydration, use of OTC hygiene products ( ointments, gels, shampoos , lotions, oils).

Pharmacological treatment includes the use of vitamin D- containing drugs , steroid hormones , retinoids, and other drugs. To suppress immunity applies special preparations – immunosuppressants . Also widely used photo – and laser therapy .

Spider veins and hemangiomas

According to statistics, almost 10 % of newborns found hemangiomas – benign vascular tumors . This is the most common tumor diseases in infancy. These tumors are removed in the following ways :

surgical removal . More often used for large hemangiomas ;
removing with a laser ;
cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen ;
electrocautery – the use of high-frequency electric current;
sclerotherapy – injection of special drugs to the diseased vessels ;
radiotherapy .
As for spider veins ( local extensions small subcutaneous blood vessels ), the main methods by which they are removed , are laser and sclerotherapy . Considered the most effective laser therapy , besides , it is painless .

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