Cheap, dirty , effectively ! So in three words can describe people’s methods of maintaining male longevity.

Unhealthy lifestyle , poor environment , excessive physical and emotional stress – these and other factors are often the cause of impotence in men , even at a young age . But do not panic prematurely and run to the pharmacy for expensive medications – they can take only on prescription . Otherwise, in the long term can only do harm .

But undergo therapy tested folk remedies for centuries and can even necessary. Especially that the choice of such funds is quite wide , and, most importantly , a generation of men have already checked their effect on myself and the majority of boys seen : HELP ! Main condition here – it’s consistency .


Traditional recipes for men silyPro powerful parsley probably heard everything. But other herbs : basil , asparagus , celery , cilantro help to cope with the problem worse. So generously add these herbs in salads : and tasty, and useful . But it is desirable that the grass on your table were fresh, after the heat treatment of the magical properties of partially lost.


Traditional recipes for men silyOstry pepper, cloves “work” for the benefit of men better than green. And they do not need to cook something separate or special recipes, simple cooking add the first and second courses . A special attention in the company deserves spicy ginger popular nowadays . It can also be added to various dishes , and best prepare ginger tea . Combination tablespoon grated ginger root , a spoonful of honey and lemon to taste provides a stunning result. And it’s very tasty and immunostimulatory tonic tea.


Men can not forget about the nuts. Handful of nuts a day will not only support the potential of men , but men’s brains . And it will agree , a nice bonus . To enhance the effect , you can make the following means : take a few types of nuts ( peanuts, walnuts , hazelnuts, cashews , pine nuts ) and all passed through the grinder ; to the resulting mixture, add honey ( equal proportion ) . Done! It was very tasty, effective remedy . Eat three meals a day, a teaspoon .

Agent based on red wine

Agent based on red wine

Take 100 grams of dried raisins , dried apricots and prunes , add a tablespoon of sugar, a little cinnamon , cardamom and cloves . Pour red wine and put on fire . Syrup simmer 30 minutes , while not leading to a boil. Let stand for one hour. Taken three times a day before meals .

Onion, garlic

Well established residents of any refrigerator – onions and garlic . They can be added to salads ( where already have greens) or eat separately , but regularly . So , for strengthening the male power is recommended to eat one or two small onions daily. But garlic can prepare such a tincture : a three-liter jar put one kilo of minced garlic and pour boiling water. Let it brew for a month, shaking daily bank. Should use one teaspoon of tincture per day . Time use – until the vehicle is completed.


Means based on red vinaMolodye nettle shoots very powerful tool , known since time immemorial. Importantly, do not miss the time when young and tender nettle , in this state, it can be eaten raw, adding to salads . It does not lose its beneficial properties and heat treatment process and after the drying.


Here beware: not all herbs are equally useful for men. For example , the grass with a beautiful name saffron calming effect on men and suppresses the libido. Has the same effect rue , which, however, causes sexual desire in women . This means that before you decide to resort to fitoterapevticheskoy assistance, please specify the action of a given plant .


Dubrovnik ordinary

Excellent tool to enhance male potency , which are also very simple to prepare. In the morning, take 5 teaspoons of plant and pour a glass of boiling water, let stand for one hour. Infusion should be consumed throughout the day 3-4 times with 50 gr.


ZhENShENKonechno , pass this root healer impossible. It not only helps men to solve a purely male problem, but also simultaneously cope with many illnesses , as has a strong tonic and tonic effect . Only buying ginseng tincture in pharmacies strictly adhere to the specified dosage – this means very strong , with increasing doses , it can even poison .

Aloe, agave

For many people, these medicinal plants are present in the home greenhouse, located on the windowsill. What they are there for good reason take place – feel free to use them for the preparation of infusions , because these plants are an excellent tool for strengthening the male power . If no aloe or agave home – no problem – you can use pharmacy drugs , the pharmaceutical industry actively uses these plants for making various preparations profile actions .

Actually, dear man, tie with addictions. If mercilessly ruin your body by smoking , alcohol , chronic lack of sleep , etc., then no ginseng root or nettle not help.

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