Famous American psychologist, author of the international bestseller ” Heal Yourself ” Louise L. Hay says that all problems in humans , including disease – from the distorted thinking. If you believe her , then constipation occurs in those who are not willing to part with outdated ideas, stuck in the past, either once or twice loves sarcastic . Like it or not – do not presume to argue , but that constipation becomes a consequence of malnutrition – has long been a proven medical fact . What other reasons lead to this uncomfortable problem , and how to fight it , read on.

zaporGovorya language medical reference , constipation is difficult and slow , as well as systematically insufficient stool . When operating normally the intestine , the draining takes place three times a day to three times a week. For constipation, it is becoming increasingly rare , the amount of solid and dry feces – small. After visiting the toilet a person feels that his intestines are not completely emptied . Constipation in modern society has become the most common disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. Most often, he suggests unsustainable lifestyles .

Blame – improper diet

zaporVy undoubtedly agree that meat, canned food , prepared food, a variety of sweets , bakery products have become an integral part of our daily diet. This is not surprising , because they cook faster , they give more saturation , and no particular need to chew – it’s soft, finished products . Also , for example, prepackaged frozen foods much less fuss in the kitchen, so you can quickly prepare lunch or dinner. Thus, eating unnatural foods full of improper proteins , we eventually get constipation.

What should be the proper diet and normal stool ? In fact, it is an individual factor. Needless to say, the more you eat , the more should go to the toilet . To emptying was systematic, comprehensive and frequent , should radically rethink their menu , where to begin treatment of constipation. From this point in the diet should be mainly natural food , eat more fruits, vegetables , nuts , herbs .

What else you need to know about constipation

Bad food – the most important but not the only cause of the disease. It can also occur if you drink too little clean water, combine the wrong foods, and often suffer from stress and depression . And so there is less nervous, go , finally , to a separate power supply and do not neglect the water. Better extra cup of tea or coffee cup to replace the crystal clear water.

How to cure constipation ?

Fundamental change in power very positive impact on your gut . Besides, it would be nice to streamline your lifestyle , start to respect the day – time to go to bed and start eating. And yet there is a remedy for constipation , which will help restore intestinal motility – Picasso Vishfa . Plant-based drug comes in the form of drops , which means that you will be able to pick up the necessary amount of money to eat . Take remedy for constipation Picasso – Vishfa bedtime , in the morning to your gut rid of all the excess felt lightness and earned with a bang ! Picasso Vishfa become a convenient solution to this awkward problem !

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