Can a man all his life to be with a woman , and thus to keep the second half to his original passion and fervor ? Doctors insist that it is theoretically possible, but , in general , a fact unlikely. Failure to understand this law of nature often leads to unnecessary guilt in the relationship between man and woman.

Male sexual arousal depends not only on the incentives available at the moment, but the fantasy . Sources of such erotic fantasies can be real memories of life as well as some idealistic notions about the woman or the sexual act itself . In other words, erotic fantasies are added to the process of the emergence of erection many additional components contribute to its strengthening .

Usually , every man there is your ideal image of women that meets certain criteria , for example , a large firm breasts , long legs and so on. Naturally, these criteria correspond not only woman , so throughout his life many men may be willing partners that fit their ideal image .

It is also important to understand that men always prefer younger women . Evolutionarily programmed , because the younger a woman is able to give a more healthy offspring .

It should be noted that with repeated exposure of the same stimulus erotic excitement men may be reduced. In other words, it means ” addiction ” to the partner or to a particular “scenario” sexual relations. So here is important element of novelty . There is a so-called ” Coolidge effect ” when the animals when a new female ability to copulate in the male recovering much faster.

Organic causes of erectile dysfunction

Unfortunately, not only psychological factors may cause poor erection . Poor potency in men may be dictated by old age , as well as the presence of certain disorders in the body, adversely affecting men’s health .

Erection deteriorating at various vascular disorders as vascular and venous nature . In this case, broken or blood flow to the penis through the arteries or blood during an erection does not stay in the sinuses of the penis and is circulating through the veins .

Note that activity is regulated by vessels of the penis nerve plexus , so at various neurogenic damage and impaired blood flow dynamics in the genitals . Often the cause of neurogenic erectile dysfunction is diabetes , in which marked as vascular disorders , and neuropathy.

By the way , the severity of erectile dysfunction , you can install it yourself by answering the five questions posed. ” The test for assessing male sexual health ” is based on scales of severity of erectile dysfunction ” IIEF- 5 ” ( International Index of Erectile Function ) .

Erection and prostatitis

Separately in this article to say about such a widespread disease as prostatitis . The cause of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland are often pathogens. Typically, this infection , sexually transmitted diseases , as well as opportunistic pathogens that may be present in the urogenital tract , such as Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa .

And although prostatitis is not always the cause of impotence , however , these diseases may have a causal relationship . If you experience symptoms of disease in the abdomen, as well as inappropriate urination men should always consult a doctor .
Treatment of prostatitis should first be directed at eliminating inflammation in the prostate. To date for this purpose employs many methods of treatment, including medication . In the presence of infection shows antibiotic treatment , as well as receiving immunomodulatory agents.

Effective tool in the treatment and prevention of prostatitis are suppositories Prostatilen Zinc . It is a natural product , which includes an extract of prostate glands of young bulls , vitamin E and zinc – an essential trace element for the maintenance of male health . Zinc is necessary for the preservation of normal quality and quantity of sperm , as well as to maintain libido . Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and is also necessary for normal functioning of sperm. Drug Prostatilen Zinc is available in the form of candles , which makes it convenient to use at home.

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