Disease called hemorrhoids in the anus , in which the veins of the rectum become inflamed , pathologically expand and form nodes around the rectum , known as hemorrhoids . The disease is not rare , according to various studies, more than half the adult population has such a problem . Treatment of hemorrhoids engaged proctologist .

Experts identify four stages of disease development. Transition from the first to each subsequent implemented gradually and imperceptibly , sometimes it can take several months or even years , but you need to remember that the disease if left untreated will not back down on its own. Treat hemorrhoids is a must , because in addition to the permanent nuisance and very painful sensations , the fourth stage of hemorrhoids can lead to cancer of the rectum.

The first stage takes place almost imperceptibly hemorrhoids and can be detected by chance , for example, to see a doctor for a different reason . For the first stage is characterized by such symptoms : itching of the anus , discomfort during bowel movements . What happens in the body at this time? Stagnate blood vessel walls and gradually stretched, become flabby and eventually protrude into the lumen of the rectum. In the first stage the disease is easily amenable to correction , most importantly, time to reveal it .

The second stage is characterized by a worsening of symptoms, besides appearing bleeding. At this stage begins prolapsed hemorrhoid during defecation – this is a very important symptom , which in any case can not be run , and to address urgently to the proctologist . At this stage of the disease nodes can reduce a still own.

At the third stage of hemorrhoids is not entitled unassisted , and they may even fall without a bowel movement. Do not try to do this procedure on their own, experts warn , as it can lead to various very dangerous complications . At this stage, the treatment is not without difficulties , may even require surgical methods.

The fourth stage of the disease the most severe . The patient experienced severe pain , and nodes that are almost always external , increase in size, become cyanotic hue and did not reduce a hand. At this stage, do not hemorrhoids without surgery.


Drop node – is a manifestation of external hemorrhoids , it is a consequence of the processes occurring inside the body. Of course, ideally , if you can “catch” the disease in the first stage and as soon as possible to eliminate it .

At the initial stage disease is treated effectively. Necessarily apply conservative therapy (complex should include analgesic , anti-inflammatory and thrombolytic effects). At the discretion of the doctor and indications can be assigned to photocoagulation ( nodes affect beam of infrared radiation ) or sclerotherapy ( varicose veins in the injected sclerosant , helps stop bleeding) . Will need to think about lifestyle modification , because often physical inactivity leads to disease , ” sedentary ” work and poor diet.
It is very important to choose the right treatment strategy in the second stage of the disease when the hemorrhoid becomes quite “sensitive” . Usually practice a holistic approach , including the combination treatment , conservative therapy , sclerotherapy , latex ligation . The latter method is used for the second and third stages of hemorrhoids, but the gist of it is that during the procedure hemorrhoid pinch latex rings and then after about two weeks, he is rejected .

There is a method such as suture ligation . The essence of the method – sewing arteries that provide blood flow to the hemorrhoidal nodes that is implemented with the help of special equipment ( arthroscope ) and under ultrasound guidance . This procedure is also relevant to the second and third stages of the disease .

At the third stage of the disease, many experts prefer surgical methods , as resection of nodes becomes a necessity forced . Most experts resort to mucosal resection method Longo , the essence of which is to remove part of the rectal mucosa , which is located above the haemorrhoid , then the resulting defect sutured . Result – the blood supply to the node decreases sharply, and as he pulls himself up to . In addition to the operational methods used in the third stage and conservative treatment – the aforementioned sclerotherapy , ligation , complex therapy .

In the fourth step hemorrhoid surgery can not be avoided and often specialists stay on hemorrhoidectomy – a method that is considered the gold standard in the treatment of acute hemorrhoids . However, in this method , there are strict contraindications , so the decision to use it should always be very prudent. Fixed effect and the appointment of conservative therapy rehabilitation course .

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