From time immemorial, man has always been the breadwinner , protector and warrior. Evolution is so ordered that all the above problems lay on the shoulders of the stronger sex . Be in motion and to fight for their existence in every man in the genes . In ancient times, every man trained since childhood hunting, farming and military affairs.

Today times are quite different. Scientific and technological progress has led to the fact that modern man no need to get game in the woods , or hope for a successful harvest . Hunters and tillers has long sit in comfortable offices. Physical activity of many office workers is reduced only to ” running around ” fingers on the keyboard and the occasional distractions at lunch and break.

Sedentary lifestyle – the scourge of our time, which affects the majority of the urban population. Physicians have long known that physical inactivity negatively affects the cardiovascular , musculoskeletal , and reproductive systems . In addition, lack of exercise contributes to a depressive state .

Prostate problems and potency

As you know , the prostate – is the second man’s heart , and therefore any activity in violation of this tiny body negatively affect the state of men’s health .

Why sedentary lifestyle so negatively affects the activity of the prostate gland ? The thing is that with a lack of motor activity violated both general and local circulation. Poor circulation in the pelvic organs leads to stagnation , which is fraught with the development of inflammatory processes. As you know, in most cases, the cause of prostatitis are the urogenital infections, but congestion in the pelvic region in this case acts as a negative factor , which only contributes to the development of the disease.

In the future, against the background of prostatitis may occur already other diseases of the reproductive system , such as erectile dysfunction , painful ejaculation and even infertility.

If so happen that you are forced to sit for a long time , doctors recommend doing one simple exercise right at your workplace. Need to draw rhythm and relax the anus. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor , improve local blood circulation , which has a positive impact on the reproductive system as a whole. Take 30 retracting 1 hour , and after a while you will notice an improvement .

Constipation and hemorrhoids

Constipation – a rather unpleasant disease that significantly impairs the quality of life. Perhaps your constipation are due to inactivity . Start of physical activity . Even the usual morning workout will do you good . Also, review your eating habits . Try to eat less fast food and refined foods , opting for products with crude fiber (apples , cabbage, bran) , and laxative products (prunes , beets, figs and others).

If constipation is left untreated for a long time , then eventually on this background may develop hemorrhoids cure is much more difficult than from constipation . With hemorrhoids often requires surgical intervention exclusively . Therefore, the appearance of the slightest suspicion of constipation, immediately proceed to action.


Another problem of a sedentary lifestyle – low back pain, as well as a number of other disorders of the musculoskeletal system .

Typically, office workers suffering right side of the body, as most people are right-handed , and the right hand is constantly “lies” on the mouse . Drawing pain in the neck and scapular are hallmarks of osteoarthritis . If you notice such symptoms should contact a doctor who will prescribe proper treatment. But do not be satisfied with only the designated doctor’s prescription . Keep in mind that the emerging problem is the result of your lifestyle and to make it once again did not bother you , you need to lead a more active lifestyle. Talk to your doctor about the permissible physical activity in your case.

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