Pharmacology – the study of the interaction of drugs with the organism , and on ways of finding new medicines.

Pharmacy – complex scientific and practical disciplines that study the problems of creation , security, research , storage, manufacture , supply and marketing of medicines , as well as the search for natural sources of medicinal substances .

Pharmacy can be divided into :

Synthesis and analysis of medicines.
Development of new theories and technologies for creating and preparing dosage forms.
The study of natural resources of plant, animal , mineral and processing them into pharmaceutical preparations .
Development of new machines and apparatus , means of mechanization and modernization of existing pharmacy for medicines and industrial production .
The study of planning , organization and management of the pharmaceutical business, management, marketing .
Basic terms and concepts of Drug Technology

Drug ( drug substance ) – pharmacological agent is permitted by the authorized body of the country for use in the treatment, prevention and diagnosis of disease in man or animal.

Drugs are classified :

medicinal plant and animal raw materials
means of microbial origin
Medicinal substance – this drug represents an individual chemical compound or biologically active substance .

Drugs are classified :

by nature (natural , synthetic )
physical properties (solid, liquid , soft , gaseous )
Medicines to patients are not given , they are only the starting material for the preparation of medicines by giving them the appropriate dosage form.

Drugs ( or substance ) classify Pocillo pharmacological activity on toxic and potent .
provide maximum therapeutic effect and have minimal side ( negative effect );
providing a predetermined duration of therapeutic effect ;
be convenient to use and are stable during storage and transport .
Selection of the dosage form – an important task of pharmacotherapy. Improperly selected dosage form may cause low activity or complete lack of therapeutic effect .

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