Pancreas – an indispensable organ of our body. It is large enough iron , which runs on ” two fronts” : first, produces pancreatic juice rich in enzymes , secondly, identifies metabolic hormones such as insulin and glucagon . These substances are required to regulate the metabolism of fats , proteins and carbohydrates in the body. Therefore, if the pancreas stops properly perform its functions , we will feel it .

Often the cause of irregularities in the work of this body are inflammatory processes . We also important to know the symptoms of these disorders to promptly react to the appearance of the problem.

Pancreatic inflammation

With the development of inflammation in the pancreas, enzymes that it emits , cease to be released into the duodenum. They begin to “act” before, right in the pancreas. While cancer cells become inflamed and die. Besides the destruction of the pancreas from intoxication may suffer brain, lungs , heart, liver and kidneys.

Inflammatory processes occurring in the pancreas, are diverse in forms and characteristics of . Consequently, physicians have identified the whole group of diseases and syndromes , which is a cause of inflammation of the pancreas , and the group given the common name – pancreatitis .

Acute pancreatitis and its symptoms

This version of pancreatic inflammation is acute and accompanied by tissue injury . In acute pancreatitis may develop cancer dystrophy , necrosis . Can also join secondary purulent infection . This kind of pancreatitis requires immediate treatment , otherwise the disease can result in lethal.

Among the characteristic manifestations of this disease :

abdominal pain
abdominal distention
nausea and vomiting the contents of the duodenum , after which there comes ease
on the left side of the abdomen near the navel may appear bluish spots , sometimes with yellowish tinge .
Clear clinical symptoms , so it’s safe to say that it has developed acute pancreatitis , no. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis is necessary to conduct additional research .

Chronic pancreatitis and its symptoms

Chronic pancreatitis is characterized by acute “silent ” over the inflammatory process. However , it gradually leads to irreversible changes in the tissues of the pancreas , thus it ceases to produce the necessary amount of digestive enzymes.

Chronic pancreatitis may be asymptomatic and may be accompanied by the following symptoms :

Pain intensity and different duration from a few minutes to 3-4 hours , or sometimes practically constant .
loss of appetite
bloating, rumbling in the stomach
during exacerbations diarrhea and vomiting
Most often, the pain occurs in the back of the abdomen and spreads upwards , intensifying after a meal , especially if the menu were fatty , fried , spicy dishes and meats . Provokes pain and alcohol and carbonated drinks .

If chronic inflammatory process in the pancreas occurs without pain , it does not imply an improvement in the state .
On the basis of chronic pancreatitis may develop acute variant of the disease. In addition, chronic pancreatitis may be hiding under the guise of other diseases : biliary dyskinesia , cholecystitis , stomach ulcers . To set the exact diagnosis is necessary to consult a doctor .

Pseudocyst , as a manifestation of pancreatitis

Degenerative processes that occur during acute pancreatitis , may give rise to pancreatic pseudocysts , which puts pressure on the surrounding organs. This may interfere with the movement of food in the stomach and duodenum , bile ducts and squeeze even lead to the development of jaundice . May be twisted or ducts of the pancreas itself .

Diabetes first type – malfunction pancreatic

Another common failure in the pancreas is diabetes first type. But this is not inflammatory , and hormonal problem , which is better to talk in a separate article .

Problems with the pancreas must be addressed immediately !

Any irregularities in the pancreas can lead to serious consequences , including death . Therefore, the appearance of symptoms, reporting that this body started to act , should immediately consult a doctor , an accurate diagnosis and treat the disease . Self-medication in this case is unacceptable. Only a specialist can understand the variety of disorders of the pancreas and pick effective tactics to eliminate the problem.

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