article discusses how to massage the ear at various cerebrovascular disorders .

Back in the 50s of last century, the famous French physician Paul Nogier during the study topography ear came to a stunning conclusion. He proved that the mechanical action ( massage or needle) on certain parts of the ear – is equivalent to the impact on the human internal organs with intensive massage or acupuncture meridian points.

Hircus is about 170 sites that are projections of our internal organs .


If systematize ear point in organs and systems , it turns out that the pinna is reminiscent of the human embryo as a whole. Fruit will be located upside down and back out.


Massage can be done immediately upon waking , without getting up from bed. All exercises are done in pairs and consistently.

1. Massage the ear should take you only a few minutes . Before the massage need to rub hands until you feel the heat in them. Start with the earlobe and ” go ” in a circle. When we gently stroked with a sense of the earlobe , you would like to warm it through. Then iron the skin with your fingertips to curl ( the outermost , outer fold of skin ) to the top of the ear . His thumb , as iron is ironed crease upwards. And on top of ear , you need to flatten the skin and cartilage to nail pain for 2 – 3 seconds. Repeat this exercise three times.

2 . Descend steeply below between the two legs of antihelix and vortex motion fingertip , promassirovat this area to warm up . This area of the pelvic organs and kidneys.

3 . Press the index finger on the area immediately behind the tragus and open and close the mouth. Need to feel like moving your finger under the mandibular joint . Click on this area and to open and close your mouth 10 times . This exercise warms up the external auditory meatus and promotes blood flow to the middle ear . Helps restore hearing , eliminates the noise and the effects of otitis media.

4 . Bowl of the ear is directly at the auditory canal , there are organs of the chest. Their projection. It is the heart , lungs, bronchi esophagus, and most importantly human heart energy center . After the massage and warming bowl , you need to take a gold ring and rub the rim , spin it in a bowl , as the wheel .

5 . Below the bowl , there is a small bump – protivokozilok . See Figure number 2 .

Concentrated there all important , subcortical brain centers . We gently pushes him in a pulsating heart rhythm – 30 seconds.

6. Displace ear envelope . Initially, take the tip of the ear and pressed directly to the auditory opening. The remaining sticking out area also pressed against the ushnomu aisle. Hold the envelope 10 seconds. In this clever fold line sink automatically pass on important auricular points – activating them .

Self-massage the ear points, effective , and most importantly safe , therapeutic effect . There are cases when an inexperienced doctor , hitting the wrong point of the needle caused a sharp drop in blood pressure in the patient and in his shock.

Self-massage should be done early in the morning , lying in bed and feel good as a healing , light heat from the ear spreads throughout the body , filling his health .

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