Comedones are a variety of cysts that form on the skin due to the accumulation of sebum and dirt that cover the pores. First accumulating sebum is a white nodule at the skin and the interaction with the oxygen in the air contents darkened pores . These disfiguring acne person may appear on the face ( on the nose, forehead , chin ) or back ( shoulders ) . Contact with kamedony bacteria leads to inflammation and infection of his inflamed skin . Favorable breeding ground for bacteria and the appearance of acne is groomed skin .

Are open comedones ( blackheads look like ) and closed ( whiteheads ) . Blackheads are formed by a darkening of the mass of accumulated sebum , dead cells and microbes by exposure to air . Also, the upper part contains melanin -comedogenic – black or dark brown pigment . Whiteheads – are small cystic formations consisting of horny scales , sebum and bacteria. As sebum whiteheads swell . This often leads to inflammation and purulent rash.

Where are comedones ?

In order to deal with comedones , you need to understand why they have appeared on the skin. Reasons for the formation of comedones diverse – from the wrong skin care products to the general condition of the body disorders and genetic predisposition. The black and white acne may be caused by the following factors :

the wrong skin care. Comedones can appear not only those who neglect personal hygiene and cleans the face . These often result in the formation of incorrectly chosen cleansers , such as oil-based cosmetics ;
acne. High activity of the sebaceous glands causes acne.
Education comedones can also be caused by genetics, hormonal imbalances , intake of certain medications , stress, physical irritation , environmental conditions ( wet or polluting factors).

How to treat skin from blackheads ?

Comedones are recommended for treatment after consulting a dermatologist and under the supervision of a cosmetologist.

To effective against comedones include:

personal hygiene , including the need as little as possible contact between hands and face. It is recommended to wash with soap and water ( boron- thymol or carbolic ) at least two times a day ;
Use of creams, which contain alpha hydroxy acids ( glycerol ) . These acids purified upper skin layer of dead skin cells and contribute to the opening of acne ;
taking medication that prevents the formation of acne and stimulates normal exfoliation ;
antibiotics to slow the growth of bacteria and inflammation on the skin.
Struggling with comedones at home

Try to get rid of black and whiteheads and can be at home.

Here is one way of dealing with open comedones ( blackheads ) . First of all, you will need to wash off the face makeup and cleanse your face scrub. Scrub is applied to damp skin slow soft circular motions ( the procedure is carried out no more than 2 minutes ) , then wash off with warm water. If you have inflammation in the skin, the use of a scrub is to refuse .

After the pre-cleaned face , the skin should be to steam through a steam bath with herbs . Suitable for oily skin chamomile teas or horsetail , dry – decoction of yarrow or wormwood. To steam the skin , sit 15 minutes over a saucepan of hot broth , covered with a towel. Edge of towels should be below the pan to steam did not go in vain. Speaking on the skin moisture blotted cloth.
After this procedure, the pores open . Now you need to easily push your fingers on the black dots on both sides. Pre- wash hands with soap and disinfected with alcohol, and the fingers wrap sterile bandage . This is necessary so as not to carry infection .

To narrow pores after removal of comedones , wipe the face with an alcohol-based lotion or tonic to narrow pores. After the procedure, do not forget to care for your skin every day .

If blackheads are located on the back or shoulders , it is recommended to take a hot bath ( with the addition of herbal concoctions ) . Once the skin to steam , you need to rub the place with comedones massage brush , rub lotion ( a glass of boiled water , a spoonful of honey and lemon juice ) . After the procedure , apply body cream.

To get rid of whiteheads at home can use the funds to deep cleanse the skin . These include white clay badyaga scrubs from acne.

prevention of comedones

Daily skin care and nutrition – effective ways to prevent blackheads . To cleanse your face using funds from AHA and BHA acids that dissolve fat.

As is known , the skin condition is largely dependent on supply. Hot spices , alcohol , abuse of sweet and fatty foods , coffee and strong black tea contribute to the appearance of comedones . But fresh vegetables , fruits and berries can help your skin stay healthy.

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