Spring. For many it is a signal that it is time to think about their appearance and lead figure in the norm. For someone “pressing ” reset problem is overweight , and someone just wants to cause muscle tone after hibernation , become fitter and more energetic . The best way to achieve all this – do sports. But what kind of sports you choose? You can run, swim , do yoga exercises or go to fitness . Choose what you like , what you have enough time and patience , and that will help you accomplish its task .

When we pay attention to the figure , the first notice ” ugliness ” in the abdomen. Therefore, one of the most popular exercises that we begin to do when solving ” do themselves ” are exercises for pumping media . But in order to quickly and correctly strengthen your abdominal muscles need to know the specific rules .

What is muscular press ?

In the abdomen , there are four muscle groups that allow you to bend and rotate the body are involved in maintaining a level posture. Visually as ” drawn ” only the external obliques and the rectus abdominis , which when ” pumping ” is manifested in the form of a six-pack of relief . That is the rectus muscle we call the press.

Why rock press ?

Working with the abdominal muscles , we can achieve the following effects :

strengthen the abdominal muscles
draw the cubes
improve posture
positively affect the condition of the spine
Before start training , you need to figure out why we do it: to strengthen a little press , draw the cubes or simply ” cheer up ” the body . And to act depending on the task .

” Draws ” cubes Press

In order to set themselves the goal to “make ” his athletic figure , it is important to strengthen the press – that it will provide “cubes” . To do this, there are a number of exercises , working to strengthen the abdominal muscles . But in order to draw the relief press, you need not only build muscle, but also to get rid of excess fat in the abdominal area . Press becomes noticeable if the thickness of fat no more than 2-3 cm is optimal for relief thickness of the fat layer of 1-1.5 cm

For those who do not seek to replenish caste bodybuilders , but still want to maintain the state of the abdominal muscles toned, exercises for the abs are also important. The main difference of classes designed to increase muscle mass , from activities whose purpose is to maintain the tone of the abdominal muscles – the number of repetitions you need to do . For those who do not seek to increase muscle mass , it is enough to do about 20 repetitions of an exercise for the press.

How to download the press ?

A few tips on how best to download the press , the right approach will help you in the process and get a good result .

Presses gradually. In the early days of training do a small amount of reps 10-15 times in several passes .
Swing the press regularly 4-6 times a week.
Engaged in a well -ventilated room .
Classes begin no earlier than a few hours after eating.
If you have had problems with the joints , ligaments , hypertension , if there are any chronic illness, before starting exercise , consult a physician .
uschestvuet set of exercises that will help pump up the press . We offer you some of the most common and effective exercises.

Lifting the body. Supine position . Knees bent , feet flat on the floor. Raises and lowers the housing body. Hands are behind your head .
Lifting legs. In this case, from a prone position on the back foot raised and lowered . Hands resting on the floor , along the trunk .
Twisting. Supine position . Knees bent , feet flat on the floor . Housing body lifted his hands behind his head. When lifting body stretches right elbow to the left knee . The next rise housing left elbow to your right knee stretches .
Lying on your back , arms extended and deployed palms to the floor. Legs raised at a right angle and at the same angle of the knees . Cant bent legs alternately left and right to the floor.
Belly fat reserves and press

Many are beginning to swing a press with a view to remove “surplus” on the belly . But fat is burned , not locally in the load, and the whole body. Therefore, in order to lose weight you must load the body as a whole . Best suited for this anaerobic exercise (eg , running , shaping ) and a balanced diet without excessive calories.

The right approach to training will help you to quickly bring the body in tone, do press and pumped enough to “receive” a slender figure .

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