Depending on the form of glossitis and the reasons that caused it , the disease can manifest itself in different ways. But usually , the most common manifestations of glossitis is a change in color of tongue , it swells, in speaking and eating hurts, often too dry and coated. Discomfort exacerbated when in progressive glossitis language appear ulcer and erosion. However, to prescribe the right treatment , it is necessary , first of all , figure out the shape of the disease and find its root cause.


Causes of glossitis set.

For example, inflammation of the tongue can happen due to injury , say , a person hurt him with something sharp – bone edge damaged tooth , etc. A common cause – the impact of such stimuli as hot steam , hot water. In some cases, glossitis caused by improper oral hygiene , smoking , allergic reactions to food, oral hygiene products (toothpaste , breath fresheners ) .

Another reason – microorganisms , including staphylococci, streptococci, yeast fungi, viruses, herpes , etc. Glossitis also often accompanies gastrointestinal disease , various metabolic disorders, a number of infectious diseases , diseases of the circulatory system , and syphilis .

A so-called folded glossitis, tongue when crossing deep longitudinal and transverse folds , is a congenital anomaly of development.


Establish a diagnosis of ” glossitis ” is quite simple – enough to implement inspection language. In some cases, difficult to determine the cause glossitis , without which about effective treatment can not be considered. To determine the cause of collected history and make a series of laboratory blood tests ( bacteriological , cytological , immunological studies , histology, biochemistry) .


Treatment glossitis engaged dentist . However, if the problem ” goes ” beyond the oral cavity , the treatment should be attached and other professionals. This is particularly necessary if treatment glossitis is directly related to the treatment of major diseases caused it .

Surface formation on teeth
The first association related to surface formations on teeth – dental stones . But this is the last stage of dental plaque , what precedes it ?
As has been said , those reasons can be set accordingly, if glossitis emerged as a consequence of problems with the digestive tract , you should also use a gastroenterologist , if this is a consequence of chronic anemia is a haematologist , syphilis – venereologist , malfunctions in the immune system – and so immunologist etc. Emphasize treated first need a cause, and parallel investigation.

In those cases when glossitis – this malformation – treatment is usually not required. But there are exceptions, such as pleated glossitis usually does not require treatment , but often he ” goes hand in hand ” with desquamative glossitis , and here is no treatment is necessary. This is explained by the fact that this kind of glossitis may appear again on the background of an underlying disease that must be treated carefully .

So, after finding the underlying cause and determine a strategy for its correction , go directly to the treatment of glossitis , because feeling in this state is quite painful . Very important in the treatment of glossitis adhere to a strict oral hygiene and not cause additional irritation , such as time off from the hot and spicy food and drink, alcohol, smoking . In such cases, the doctor recommends a certain diet : eat mashed potatoes , mucous cereal, pureed soups.

If you are very concerned about pain, then prescribe anesthetics , such as lidocaine . Very important in acute not forget to do as often as possible mouthwash . This can be a solution of potassium permanganate , furatsilina chlorhexidine . If the language is dry , it is lubricated with a mixture of glycerol and anesthetic . When there is a necrotic plaque , it is regularly removed with a cotton swab moistened with proteolytic enzymes , and if the inflammation is accompanied by erosions appoint applique with iruksolom .

Also, depending on patient indications may be administered antifungal , antibacterial , hormonal and / or inflammatory agents .

In some cases where there are significant signs of hyperkeratosis can not do without surgery.

Thus, the drugs given in each case , the doctor will determine the basis of the patient’s condition , but in almost all cases, patients glossitis Recommend immunomodulators and bracing means .


Prognosis for recovery is favorable in glossitis if treat the underlying disease , which it accompanies . However, the absence of such treatment glossitis may become chronic . Among the adverse factors that lead to chronic disease receiving hot and spicy food , lowered immunity .

Most unfavorable and dangerous outcome – it complications such as abscesses , abscesses , cancer language. It is clear that these processes do not develop in a day or a week , so if the time to see a doctor and seriously seeking treatment for glossitis , and correction of the underlying disease (in those cases where it is installed ) , to such extremes that it will not come .

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