The basics facts about prostatitis :

Prostatitis – an inflammation of the prostate gland.
There are cases when prostatitis does not manifest itself .
Only 5 – 10% of all diseases are caused by bacterial infection.
Inflammation of the prostate is not a cause of cancer.
Prostatitis can occur in men of any age , disease happens in young men and in men . Prostatitis can become chronic . The main symptoms of chronic prostatitis associated with infections of the urinary bladder. Prostatitis is considered chronic if the duration of disease than more than three months.

Krymkin Yury ” Prostatitis – an inflammatory disease of the prostate gland of different origin .”

Causes of prostatitis

How is the infection of the prostate is not known . The bacterium that causes the infection can get into the prostate through the urethra by retrograde flow ( backflow ) of infected urine or feces through from the rectum.

A few years ago it was believed that the prostate – a sexually transmitted disease and sexually transmitted. Recent studies have shown that a very low percentage of cases are sexually transmitted prostatitis .

risk group

Some habits and medical procedures increase the risk of prostatitis. You are at risk if :

You performed a medical procedure using a catheter . Urinary catheter – a soft tube with grease that is used for the extraction of urine from the bladder .
You engage in anal sex .
You have an abnormal form of the urinary tract.
Did you have bladder infections .
You have an enlarged prostate .
What else can cause prostatitis:

Autoimmune disease ( a disease that occurs as a reaction produced autoantibodies to their own body tissues ) .
Malnutrition .
Frequent consumption of alcohol.
Hypothermia .
Sedentary work .
Sedentary lifestyle.
Long-term abstinence .
Frequent constipation .
What are the first symptoms of prostatitis ?

Pain for prostate inflammation occurs after the excretory ducts of the acini ( small bubbles with the outlets that go into long coiled ducts . Prostate acini are covered by special cells – glandular epithelium , which generates a secret) . Peels from the walls of the epithelium and accumulates in kanalchiki together with mucus . Also formed microliths – tiny stones : they are mixed with mucus and flaking epithelium , causing traffic jams that clog the ducts . Stoppers are transformed into micro-abscesses ( suppuration ), after which the first symptoms of the disease.

You can never feel the occurrence of the disease , the symptoms are often mild and unnoticeable . Very rare cases of acute prostatitis , prostatitis so if there was , the disease very quickly becomes chronic .

Krymkin Yuri Mikhailovich, urologist – andrology : ” There is a variant of flow prostatitis without any symptoms and with a minimum of their manifestation in the form of deleted discomfort in the abdomen, in the crotch .”

The very first sign of prostatitis – a slight difficulty with urination . Compresses the urethra because of an inflamed prostate size increases, and it begins to put pressure on the urethra . Gradually, the inflammatory process causes sclerosis of the bladder neck (the appearance of scarring of connective tissue of the bladder ) , in advanced cases, there is complete coverage of the ureter.

The second main feature of prostatitis – a sexual disorder in which there is a violation of the mechanism of erection and orgasm felt fainting .

Other early symptoms of prostatitis :

Frequent urge to urinate .
Difficulty urinating and impulsive .
Pain and burning during urination.
Chills .
Burning sensation in the perineum and urethra .
Discomfort during defecation .
The presence in urine of floating yarns.
Long-term nocturnal erections .
Rapid ejaculation .
Increased general fatigue .
Reduced potency .
May be wandering pain in the abdomen, in the anus , groin and back. Sometimes bacteria can get into the vas deferens (the canal that brings sperm from the testicles to the urethra ) , causing pain in the groin or infection of the epididymis ( epididymis – the area near the testicles where sperm matures and is stored ) .

Sometimes there is pain during ejaculation during intercourse, or pelvic pain sometimes .

Krymkin Yuri Mikhailovich, urologist androlog ” prostatitis symptoms – pain , varying degrees of intensity. In the acute phase appear more pronounced . One of the manifestations of prostatitis – a violation of the sexual life , which manifests itself as a reduction drive, the voltage attenuation of the penis . ”

Important: all of these symptoms do not appear at the same time and all . Each sick different symptoms can occur at different times.

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