Cough – a frequent companion of acute respiratory diseases and viral infections. But what often happens is that the person continues to cough up even after 3-4 weeks after the other symptoms of the common cold was gone .

Do I need to worry about postprostudnogo cough ?

Residual cough – a normal variant . But if it continues for more than two weeks after other symptoms have disappeared , such cough can talk about the possible complications – pneumonia , chronic bronchitis , whooping cough. In this case you need to see a physician , and if necessary – to other specialized doctor. The only way you can be sure : your cough – not a sign of a dangerous disease , and the residual effect after a cold . Posleinfektsionny cough may continue even 1.5-2 months .

Why is a cough after a cold ?

The acute phase of infection may last only a few days , but during this time viruses and bacteria manage to destroy the respiratory tract . Bronchial sensitivity increases. Inhalation of cold or polluted air , temperature contrast can provoke coughing . During this period the person can torment dry or with a small amount of phlegm cough. Sometimes residual phenomenon manifests itself in the form of coughing , sore throat . Body needs some time to recover and bring the work back to normal airways . During the recovery period is necessary to continue treatments at home and avoid hypothermia .

How to treat a prolonged cough ?

For the treatment of post-infectious cough traditionally used plant-based extracts ( ivy leaves , pine buds , quince ) . Use a moisturizing inhalation, warm , compresses and even a special set of physical exercises . In folk medicine , there are also a variety of recipes for the treatment of residual cough .

Plant-based medicines provide an expectorant , mucolytic , antispasmodic , reduce swelling of the mucous membrane .

When residual wet cough give a good effect inhalation with eucalyptus , wild rosemary , mother and stepmother , succession , plantain , yarrow . Inhalation can use essential oils ( sage, fir, eucalyptus , sweet flag , lime, pine, rosemary) , saline . If no inhaler or nebulizer , inhalation can be done over the pot , inhaling steam healing . During the procedure , which lasts 5-10 minutes , you need to cover yourself with a towel. After the procedure can not immediately go out and have to sit in a room with ambient temperature.

Hot compress can be made with lard , badger fat , warming ointments based on essential oils . Rub your chosen tool chest and feet , wrap with wax paper , then put on warm woolen socks and scarf.

One of the recipes of traditional medicine to combat postprostudnym cough – milk with figs . Boil 2-3 pc . dry white figs in a glass of milk. Let drink infusions. Then it is necessary to drink hot several times a day .
Another well-known remedy for cough – black radish with sugar. Cut the top from a large black radish , make an indentation there and pour honey or sugar . Then cover with a radish cut top . A day will sap, which must be taken three times a day before meals for one tablespoon .

Simple exercises will also help to get rid of cough after undergoing cold. This method is well suited for use in children. Exercises to be performed several times a day . One of the exercises – push-ups with knees . Child doing pushups by bending your knees and lifting your feet up. For the second exercise the child needs to go back on a fitball , hands holding dumbbells and exhale his arms out to the side ( 10 times ) , and then removes his hands alternately up and down. These exercises increase lung capacity after undergoing cold.

Another effective exercise – vibratory . It is a light tapping palm ribs along the spine (not the spine !) For 1-2 minutes .

Inflating balloons – known way to improve lung function . But the children of this exercise is often a hyperventilation, which is accompanied by dizziness and vomiting. Instead, have a child to play the harmonica – he will do it with pleasure several times a day .

To help your body to restore function of the respiratory tract, take care of strengthening the immune system – fully eat , take vitamins , exercise your body . Keep nasal mucosa was not dry. You can soften it , burying his nose in the sea buckthorn oil or vaseline .

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