High intracranial pressure

article discusses how to massage the ear at various cerebrovascular disorders .

Back in the 50s of last century, the famous French physician Paul Nogier during the study topography ear came to a stunning conclusion. He proved that the mechanical action ( massage or needle) on certain parts of the ear – is equivalent to the impact on the human internal organs with intensive massage or acupuncture meridian points.

Hircus is about 170 sites that are projections of our internal organs . Continue reading

The human brain has multiple layers of protection . When increasing or decreasing the overall system or blood pressure (BP ) operates the first defense Veliz circle. This circular arterial plexus, which aligns BP within the brain. When people fall in systemic blood pressure is still in the mind , sometimes at such low numbers as BP -70 -30 . Intracranial pressure as the blood of all people individually . Its rate is 100-180 mm Hg. Art. If these figures are higher , then the person exhibit all the symptoms characteristic of this disease. Second protection system – it’s liquor or intracranial fluid , which appears to float the brain. The thick transparent liquid protects it from shock . It nourishes the brain and protects it from immunologically infections. During the day several times , this liquid is fully updated . Continue reading

We all understand that nursing – psychologically very difficult profession . But she also has always been associated with the threat of physiological health.

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