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Vaginal discharge – is perhaps the most common reason for treatment to a gynecologist . Especially women are experiencing , if normal allocation changed color or consistency.

First you should know that vaginal discharge in women who are of childbearing age should be! This is a normal part of the female physiology, ie , separation in themselves are not a symptom of some disease. The organism produces these isolation to purify and humidify the vagina, without that its walls are dry and the body becomes susceptible to vaginal infections. Continue reading

Sperm – male germ cells , which is necessary for fertilization . Human Sperm consists of a head, middle section and tail ( flagellum ) , through which a male germ cell performs motion. When moving spermatozoon rotates on its axis , and the average speed is 30 inches per hour. Approximately 1-2 hours after intercourse sperm reach the fallopian tubes, where fertilization occurs . Continue reading