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Beriberi – a disease that occurs when the human body lacks vitamin B1.

The main symptoms of beriberi : weight loss , body aches , weakness, brain damage , intermittent palpitations, heart failure . When late treatment beriberi may lead to death .

For a long time, the epidemic beriberi raged in Asia. No matter how it was ironic , but the disease beriberi hit only the wealthy segments of the population , and poor disease was not known. It was clear that the disease develops as a result of lack of nutrients , but the doctors were puzzled by the fact that they could not understand why illness . After all , people who could afford a varied diet from becoming victims of beriberi , and the poor , poor nutrition and eating enough, never hurt beriberi . Continue reading

Therapy AbbVie shows 96% sustained virologic response (SVR12) in Phase III trials in previously treated patients with hepatitis C genotype first

Published data confirm the results of Phase II clinical trials c comparable virologic response and tolerability
SAPPHIRE-II – the second of the six studies phase III, studying triple (3D) regimen
Expected new information on clinical trials AbbVie, studying 3D mode in combination with ribavirin and without it, including on the treatment of hepatitis C in patients with cirrhosis
NORTH CHICAGO, ILLINOIS , December 10, 2013 – AbbVie (NYSE: ABBV) published the results of a Phase III clinical studies investigating the triple (3D) mode antiviral therapy with direct action in combination with ribavirin in patients with chronic hepatitis C genotype first (GT1) . The study SAPPHIRE-II sustained virologic response at the end of the 12th week of treatment (SVR12) was achieved in 96% of 394 patients who previously did not report on the clinical success of therapy with pegylated interferon and ribavirin , including about 49% of those who have completely missed the answer a previous therapy. The majority of patients were genotype 1a , which is considered the most difficult to treat hepatitis C virus subtype rate of sustained virologic response (SVR12) in patients with genotype 1a and 1b was 96 % and 97 %, respectively. Virological relapse or breakthrough occurred in 2% of patients treated with 3D mode in combination with ribavirin . Moreover, the frequency of treatment interruption due to side effects was 1%. Continue reading