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Pharmacology – the study of the interaction of drugs with the organism , and on ways of finding new medicines.

Pharmacy – complex scientific and practical disciplines that study the problems of creation , security, research , storage, manufacture , supply and marketing of medicines , as well as the search for natural sources of medicinal substances . Continue reading

article discusses how to massage the ear at various cerebrovascular disorders .

Back in the 50s of last century, the famous French physician Paul Nogier during the study topography ear came to a stunning conclusion. He proved that the mechanical action ( massage or needle) on certain parts of the ear – is equivalent to the impact on the human internal organs with intensive massage or acupuncture meridian points.

Hircus is about 170 sites that are projections of our internal organs . Continue reading

AbbVie published the results of the first of six clinical trials Phase III, fully exploring oral, bezinterferonovy 12 -week treatment regimen for hepatitis C ; results demonstrate a 96- percent efficiency (SVR 12) in previously untreated patients with hepatitis C genotype

Published data confirm the results of Phase II clinical trials c comparable virologic response and tolerability
Today it is the largest clinical program investigating fully oral, bezinterferonovy regimen in patients with genotype 1
Terms of basic filing for registration – 2nd quarter 2014, according to the plan
About 160 million people worldwide are infected with chronic hepatitis C, most of them are virus genotype 1 . Continue reading